metalanguage and language set

ngrease is a simple metalanguage for defining new concepts easily on any level: analysis, requirements, design and implementation (any programming language), and transformations to produce lower level concepts (working software) from higher level concepts.


NOTE: The documentation is under development. A quick glance at the introduction is still recommended for the "big picture", although it might be a bit dated and abstract. More detailed and up-to-date hands-on instructions are being written in the tutorial.


Introduction to ngrease

Tutorial (svn HEAD version)

Extracting a Domain Specific Language From an Example (Published at the ACM SIGPLAN 2007 Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications (OOPSLA'07) (DOI) )

Project Wiki

ngremental manual (ngremental is an incremental build system based on ant and ngrease)

Downloads, project news etc are available on the SourceForge project page.
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